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About: The Branded Barber

We deliver your ready-to-sell branded product line

There is a level of trust that clients have with their Barbers that breeds loyalty, a loyalty that keeps a man coming back for years.  Among many things, a Barber imparts advice to their clients, particularly regarding what products they should use and why.

The idea behind The Branded Barber stems from the large number of Barbershop owners and entrepreneurs that wish to create their own line of products to offer to their clients.  To be able to have your own exclusive brand of premium, Canadian-made barbering products is an opportunity that we provides to our customers.

This unique opportunity allows Barbers to sell their own products that aren’t available anywhere else, further cultivating that sense of loyalty between Barber and client.  Having your own exclusive products also allows you set your own margins and pricing to maximize profits and position your line competitively.

With over 40 years of experience in the personal care manufacturing industry, we can provide you with a simple and easy approach to get your own product line on your shelves.  We have products and formulas ranging from Styling Pomades, Shave Creams, Aftershave Balms, Traditional Aftershaves, Pre-shave Oils, Beard Oils and Balms, Shampoos, Conditioners and Mustache Wax, most of which are available in an organic option.

Our goal is to facilitate the process of creating your own line of products and to make it an easy and enjoyable experience for you.  With minimums as small as 48 units per product, we can accommodate the needs of Barbershops of any size with any budget.

The Process: Getting Started

Step 1 - Sampling

We want you to be confident with the performance and quality of the products that will represent your shop and your brand. Contact us to order your set of samples and begin testing the products on yourself, your staff and your clients.

Step 2 - Plan Your Line

After you've finished sampling, you'll have a better sense of which products will meet the needs of your customers and from that we can begin building your product line. Whether you are looking to start with just a few products or with a full comprehensive line, we have introductory packages that cater to orders of any size.

Step 3 - Packaging

An extremely valuable step in the process when developing your own brand of products. You want packaging that delivers a masculine image while complimenting your own unique logo and artwork design. We offer a variety of packaging to choose from that will give you a better idea of how your products will stand out and appear on the shelf.

Step 4 - Artwork

If you have a finished logo or artwork, you can send it to us in an .eps or .ai format so that we can begin sizing it to your packaging and work with you so that your artwork reflects your vision for your brand. We will send you a finalized version of your artwork sized to your packaging for you to edit. When satisfied, send back confirmation of approval and we can begin the production of your products.

Step 5 - Production

Once the previous steps have been completed and you've decided on your opening order, we begin manufacturing. General turnaround time for initial orders take 10-14 business days, and then 5-7 business days for all re-orders.


The Products

Top quality formulas, just add Branding & packaging

Grooming Spray

A light weight spray to lock in style for all day hold. Use either on its own or paired with our other styling products, our grooming spray ensures that your hair will stay how you want it for how long you want it.

Sea Spray

This water based spray add texture and volume to your hair. Can be applied to wet damp or dry hair which makes our sea spray incredibly versatile as well as effective.

Water Based Pomade

A classic pomade that gives strong all day hold with easy application. The water based formula allows for easy rinsing and no build up in the hair. A great product for most hair types and styles, it contains grapeseed and hempseed oil to restore moisture to the hair while providing hair health and functional styling.
-Available in 4oz, 5oz

Matte Styling Clay

A medium hold styling product formulated for those desiring a more natural look and zero-shine finish. Easy to apply, it gives control and volume without weighing the hair down. The Clay rinses easily out of the hair and works well with most hair types and styles. Contains grapeseed and hempseed oil that aid in hair and scalp health.
-Available in 2oz, 4oz

Matte Styling Cream

A light and versatile styling cream that gives control and texture to the hair paired with a matte finish for a natural look. It is a pliable product that allows you to reshape and restyle throughout the day - separating this product from more rigid styling products.
-Available in 2oz, 4oz

Matte Texture Paste

A medium hold matte paste designed for all hair types. Spreads easily in both long and short hair styles when hair is wet or dry. Gives hold and control yet doesn't clog up like other matte products and gives hair a natural look and feel. Easy to wash out and zero build up in the hair.
-Available in 2oz, 4oz

Fibre Optics

A medium hold styling product that offers an all day hold and gives hair a healthy shine and luster. Designed for all hair types and can be applied to both wet and dry hair, this product spreads easily in the hands and hair. Doesn't build up and washes out with ease.
-Available in 2oz, 4oz

Stimulating Shampoo

This daily use shampoo is formulated with essential oils of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth while washing away impurities and leaving the hair feeling fresh clean and healthy.
-Available in 8oz

Stimulating Conditioner

This daily use conditioner is designed to soften and smooth out the hair while locking in moisture. It contains Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils to leave the hair and scalp feeling fresh and smelling great.
-Available in 8oz


This product is formulated for traditional greaser types giving flexible styling all day that doesn’t harden like gels or hairsprays. Our wax is a medium hold product that gives the hair a nice glossy shine and easy spreadability makes this a great product for all hair types.
-Available in 4oz, 8oz


Shave Gel

Our Shave Gel provides a smooth clean shave that allows you to see your beard line giving an accurate and styled shave. Formulated with Aloe and glycerin, our shave gel provides moisture to the face and gives a soft and clean post-shave feel.
-Available in 8oz

Pre-Shave oil

This 100% organic pre-shave oil is a blend of organic carrier and essential oils that provides a base layer to the face creating the smoothest shave possible. Using Hemp seed oil and Argan oil, this pre-shave oil nourishes facial skin and retains moisture while allowing the razor to glide freely across the face giving a close clean shave and soft post shave feel.
-Available in 1oz

Organic Shave Cream

A non-abrasive, organic based shave cream that gives a close, clean shave while reducing irritation. Made with all natural organic coconut oil, this organic shave cream nourishes the skin while preparing the face and follicle to achieve the closest shave possible. Contains organic glycerin to improve glide for the razor and also add moisture to the face. Available in 4 different essential oil fragrance profiles, including a fragrance free option, which allows you to customize this product to your preference
-Available in 4oz, 5oz, 8oz

Organic Aftershave Balm

A 100% organic aftershave balm that nourishes the skin and keeps the skin feeling healthy and soft. Formulated using organic shea butter, mango butter and cocnut oil, this aftershave balm is able to penetrate and absorb into the skin without clogging the pores to soothe the face without leaving a greasy texture. Our alcohol-free formula has natural antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that promote healthy skin.
-Available in 4oz

Organic Beard Oil

This 100% organic Beard oil is a versatile product that not only treats coarse facial hair but also the skin on the face. Formulated with a blend of organic carrier oils, it softens the hair follicle and strengthens the hair cuticle while reducing common skin issues associated with beards such as dry flakey skin, itchiness, ingrown hairs and acne. Beard oil can also be used as a preshave treatment to the skin prior to shaving to increase razor glide and moisture of the skin. Available in 4 different essential oil fragrance profiles, including a fragrance free option, to suit your individual preference.
-Available in 1oz

Organic Beard Balm

This 100% organic beard balm is made with organic shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil to restore much needed moisture to coarse beard hair and to control curly unruly hairs. Typically used with medium to long beards, it assists with styling and taming facial hair. Available in 4 different essential oil fragrance profiles to suit your individual preference
-Available in 2oz

Organic Mustache Wax

A 100% organic, medium hold, mustache wax made using organic beeswax, organic shea butter, and a combination of organic carrier oils. This Organic Wax is a great tool for styling mustaches and beards while also promoting healthy facial hair. Available in 3 different essential oil fragrance profiles to suit your individual preference
-Available in 1/2oz, 2oz

Alcohol Based Aftershaves

These classic aftershaves are your traditional alcohol based aftershaves that Barbers have been using for decades. Provides the skin with a nice cooling sensation and tightens the pores on the face along with possessing antiseptic and anti-acne properties. Available in traditional Bay Rum, Musk, and Spiced Lime fragrances so that this classic product leaves you smelling and feeling great
-Available in 8oz


Choose from a variety of container styles


Looking for a custom-made product?

As another option, we have the infrastructure and expertise to create fully customized formulations. We can reverse engineer existing products, assist with custom package sourcing, artwork design and layout, as well as concept design and content-writing when working with you to create your own custom line of products

Our strength is in our ability to facilitate the process from concept to finished product and will work together with you to create a unique brand of products that you will be proud to bring to market. Every step of the process is done in house to ensure quality standards as well as to expedite processing and turnaround time so that you will have your products on your shelf and ready to sell as quickly as possible

With over four decades of experience in developing and manufacturing custom formulas and innovative products for the personal care industry, we are confident that we can meet the needs of your business and hope to establish a lasting partnership with you. Contact us to get started!

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